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Protest Song

Danny slept rough in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral for seven years, drinking and chatting shit to anyone who’d listen - until he woke up to find Occupy on his doorstep. Step into Danny’s cardboard re-creation of the Occupy campsite at St. Paul’s Cathedral, and experience the anarchic energy of Occupy through carol singing, outraged chanting and Anonymous masks. 

By Tim Price


6th August - 8th August

Camden People's Theatre


13th August - 18th August

Tristan Bates Theatre

Harry is homeless, reckless, and overly invested in the documentaries of David Attenborough. Mia has everything he doesn’t, and yet still feels like she’s suffocating. They’ve been squatting together for a few weeks, but when ‘real life’ isn’t quite what Mia expected, and Harry finds that being a ‘good person’ isn’t always easy, things start to get fractious. 


By Billie Collins