America - September 2015, The Chelsea Theatre


"But still America is far away."


The first production from The Florence Company was a self penned black comedy, America. The story follows Vincent and Tobias who are two men stuck in a warehouse with little idea of where they are going or what is going to happen. Things start to go wrong and the two characters slowly begin to realise their positions which results in jealously, rage and ultimately acceptance. 


America is a play about fidelity, the unknown and the desire for love and admiration. The play was performed at the Chelsea Theatre on the  7th, 8th and 9th of September 2015. The three-night run included two sellout performances and raised £160 for Bloodwise, a charity focused on fighting blood cancer. 

Cast and Crew


Ned Caderni - Vincent

Alberto Lais - Tobias

Cora Burridge - Pazzo

Hayden Munt - Felice


Written by Ned Caderni

Directors - Alberto Lais and Ned Caderni

Photography by Danté Kim

Seascape - January 2016, The Garage 


"They'll crash into the dunes one day."


On a deserted stretch of beach, a middle-aged couple relaxes after a picnic and converses idly about home, family, and their life together. She sketches; he naps. Suddenly, they are joined by two sea creatures, a pair of lizards from the depths of the ocean, with whom they engage in a fascinating dialogue. 


The second production from The Florence Company is a hilarious but bittersweet comedy about relationships, aging and what it means to be human from Edward Albee (Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf). The play was performed at The Garage in Norwich from the 25th of January to the 26th of January. 


"I found the production to be rife with dedicated performances and atmospheric design that unlocked the beauty and the melancholy of Albee’s play" - Jonny Walczak, Concrete Arts Reviewer


Cast and Crew


Charlie - Sam Briggs

Nancy - Caoimhe Blair

Leslie - Alex McNally

Sarah - Amy Bonar


Producer - Alberto Lais

Director - Ned Caderni

Movement Directors - Calhan Mundy and Jordan Wilkes

Production Manager - Hannah McNally

America - May 2016, Norwich Puppet Theatre


Nine months after their successful London run, The Florence Theatre Company bring America to Norwich for one-night only! Reprising the characters of Tobias and Vincent while recasting those of Felice and Pazzo, the play was polished, revamped, and rehearsed in a week. The performance at the Norwich Puppet Theatre both sold well and was received with great enthusiasm.


"If you got Harold Pinter and Samuel Beckett drunk on cheap Lidl vodka, and they wrote a play, this would be it...One of the funniest plays I've seen in or around Norwich." - Alec Mann, Livewire 1350

Cast and Crew


Ned Caderni - Vincent

Alberto Lais - Tobias

Emily Westaway - Pazzo

Calhan Mundy - Felice

Written by Ned Caderni

Directors - Alberto Lais and Ned Caderni

Technician - Jordan Wilkes

Photography by Alex Cooper

Cannonball - August 2017, Greenside @Royal Terrace 


"So she imagines that she breaks free and flies off into the stars and never comes down."


Cannonball follows the young and disillusioned Andrea, taking a darkly comic look at his journey into embracing – or, more likely, rejecting – maturity as he finds his relationship at odds with life as he knows it. Intertwining original film and naturalistic theatre, Cannonball features acerbic wit, sharp dialogue and a heart-wrenching conclusion. Through existential debates, infidelity and drunken games of FIFA, one man must learn that you can’t avoid responsibility forever.


‘Cannonball’, secured a sold out show in Theatre503’s Edinburgh Previews season before commencing a three week run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017 with Greenside Venues. During the Fringe, audiences praised it as a “very touching piece of theatre” with an “engaging” and “sharp" script. 


Cast and Crew

Alberto Lais – Andrea
Ned Caderni – Richard
Magda Bird – Trudy

Alberto Lais & Ned Caderni - Director
Jordan Wilkes – Producer/Production Manager
James Nash – Stage Manager

James Dean - Technician 

Original Music by the band PÆN