Protest Song - August 2018, Camden People's Theatre

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“She’s holding me and I’m confused, people don’t touch rough sleepers do they?"


Danny sleeps rough. He enjoys drinking and chatting shit. Step into his re-creation of the Occupy campsite at St.Paul’s Cathedral and experience his insight into the movement’s collapse. 


Tim Price's play, 'Protest Song', is an unyielding monologue in which the confrontational, abrasive Danny recounts his experience of Occupy with crackling momentum, showing both its inspiring idealism and harsh realities. To connect with those around him, Danny is forced to confront deeply buried feelings as he struggles to retain his humanity in a society that rejects it.


This production was first performed at the Barons Court Theatre as part of the Baron’s Court Theatre Festival. Audiences raved about it, describing it as:

“ a powerful piece of theatre expertly delivered” - @DebbieBird67


“funny, thoughtful, breathtakingly touching, nuanced, and politically-stirring” - @pplaytheatre


“Powerful work with some genuinely stunning moments” - @HeliconStories


On 6th-8th of August, this production will be revived for the Camden Fringe at the Camden People's Theatre.


Cast and Crew


Danny: Jack Tivey
Jenny: Hannah Donelon


Producer: Jordan Wilkes
Director: Alberto Lais
Assistant Directors: Matthew Neubauer and Seren John-Wood
Set Designer: Nadine Froehlich
Music Composer: Ed Wing