America - 2016

Norwich Puppet Theatre

In May of 2016, nine months after their successful London run, Alberto and Ned bring America to Norwich. In this one-night only performance they reprised the characters of Tobias and Vincent while recasting those of Felice and Pazzo.  

The play was polished and revamped, rehearsed in a week and performed at the Norwich Puppet Theatre, both selling well and being received with great enthusiasm.


"If you got Harold Pinter and Samuel Beckett drunk on cheap LIDL Vodka, and they wrote a play, this would be it."


"One of the funniest plays I've seen in or around Norwich."


 - Alec Mann, UEA Drama Reviewer


Ned Caderni - Vincent

Alberto Lais - Tobias

Emily Westaway - Pazzo

Calhan Mundy - Felice

Photography by Alex Cooper


Written by Ned Caderni


Co-Written by Jack Lankester


Directed by  Alberto Lais and Ned Caderni