The Team


Alberto Lais 

Jordan Wilkes


The Florence Theatre Company is a London based company committed to creating socially relevant and uncompromising productions. We strive to champion new writing by giving up-and-coming artists creative freedom, and by creating an environment which trusts and encourages creatives, whether onstage or backstage, to take risks. As the company grows we will branch out from producing our own scripts and reach out to all aspiring writers to help them fulfil their visions. We want to foster young talent and become a platform for original shows made by those with the same desire of expression we felt when this company was formed. 

The company is dedicated to Florence Kleiner, a talented and beautiful young woman with acting and directing aspirations who lost her life to Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in December of 2014. Her constant dedication and fight to have her voice heard was an immeasurable source of inspiration, not only us but, to everyone who had the good fortune of enjoying her friendship.


Throughout her treatment she did not shy away from those around her, nor did she ever allow her illness to dampen her spirits. Her fortitude, bravery, and resilience made clear she was a special person who would doubtless have gone on to enjoy huge success in the arts. She was a true force of nature, as fierce onstage and behind the camera as she was in person, and we hope we can honour her memory